Established in 1988

Company History

Company History

 ★ In 1988, Xinglong Hardware Machine Factory was registered,mainly produce the windlass for the
ship, oil hydraulic press.

 ★ In 1990, Brick production used heat insulation equipment was developed, hydraulic equipment for brick production was mass manufactured.

 ★ In 1994, Registration of“Xinglong Machine Co., Ltd”, hydraulic stretching equipment was produced.

 ★ In 1996, Gas Leak detector with control system in Chinese Screen was successfully developed,and special supply the equipment for the motorcycle factory.(Honda,Yamaha,Suzuki,Kawasaki,Taiyo)

 ★ In 1997, Entere dhome application in dustry,the automation equipment for air condition was put into mass production.(supply the automatic equipment to the Panasonicair conditioning)

 ★ In 1998, The company has moved to new site and renamed as Fortune Industrial Co.,Ltd.,the second generation of Leak detection machine is rewarded with the national patent (Patent No.983269092).

 ★ In 1999, Gas leakage detector was accredited with national patent 992408288.

 ★ In 2000, The durable thermal alternative test-bed of vehicle simulation environment(hydraulic pulse simulation environment testing equipment) was developed concurrently with the establishment of East China Service Center(Wuxi city).

 ★ In 2001, The first generation of full Chinese screen controlled gas follow rate tester was developed, specialized equipment for automotive was mass produced

 ★ In 2002, The Chinese screen control gasflow leakage detector wasdeveloped and qualifiedthrough the ISO 9001:2000Quality Management SystemCertification concurrently withthe establishment of CentralChina Ser vice Center andSouthwest Service Center insuccession.

 ★ In 2003, The Company obtained the business certificate for independent export and import as required by the provision of serried equipments for Guangzhou Honda and became the leading equipment manufacturing enterprise in automobile industry.

 ★ In 2004, With the development of the 3rd generation of gas flow leakage detector, the company became a member of Chinese Vacuum Society.

 ★ In 2006, “ Flexible leakage detecting equipment” designed and manufactured by the company for Changan Ford Mazda(Nanjing) Engine Co.Ltd has been accredited with such titles as “Technical Innovation Prize in Guangzhou City for the Year of 2006” and Certified Hi-Tech Enterprises in Guangzhou”.

 ★ In 2007, Granted as a national high-tech enterprises, and set up a technology research and development center. (the first and top rank in China)

 ★ In 2008, Completion of new workshop, fulfillment of expansion of production capacity and establishment of sub- company Beijing U-fortune Industrial Co., Ltd. The 4th generation of leakage detectors—optimal comprehensive leakage detecting machine which was admitted by “Guangzhou city government high technology project” came into market.

 ★ In 2009, Company headquarter new site was completed. It means our production capacity was expanded greatly.Owning many national scientific achievements , approved several National , signed a National Ministry of Science and Technology SME technology innovation fund project cooperation agreement with Guangdong University of Technology about the cooperation of production, study and research. “Hydraulic oil heating equipment", "Hotair circulation heating equipment" and "New sealing performance detection equipment have got 3 national innovation patents from State Intellectual Property Office Independent intellectual property rights of the control program have got 6 items of computer software copyrights from the State Copyright Bureau, such as CPD-L、 CPD-N、 CPD-M air leakage detector Listed by Guangzhou Economic and Trade Commission as one of growth and strong development potential enterprises. Grated as “national high-tech enterprise”, certification number :GR200944000293 Introduction and operation of ISO14000 environmental management system and ISO18000 occupation health Safety management system.

 ★ In 2010, Successfully developed the first engine assembly digital servo press-fit machine in China, and bided China's first digital servo assembly production line equipment for FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd Wuxi Diesel Engine Works. Automotive interiors heating and molding equipment had passed international CE certificate.

 ★ In 2011, Obtained "Thermal Oil Heating Device", "Sealing Air-water General Detection Equipment" and other three utility patents and numbers of other national patents.

 ★ In 2012, Passed re-supervision of "National Hi - tech Enterprise". Through international competitive bidding to become the first domestic complete sets equipment supplier of GAC FIAT Ltd ., Intelligent detection assembly , industrial robots and other advanced technologies successfully applied.

 ★ In 2013, Successful advanced technology application of Intelligent testing & assembling and industrial robot, etc . Equipments started to be export to South America and other countries.

 ★ In 2014, Automotive equipments enter American market, breaking the large–scale equipments being never exported to American native market.

 ★ In 2015, Successfully set up Guangzhou science and technology projects of collaborative innovation major projects " Research And Industrialization Of Energy Saving Control And Intelligent Diagnosis Technology Of Automobile Engine Automatic Pressure Loading System". Awarded "Guangdong Province Intelligent Engine Detection Equipment Engineering And Technology Research Center".

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