Established in 1988

Special equipment Undertakings Department

Special equipment Undertakings Department



SED (Special equipment Undertakings Department)

Guangzhou ScienTec special equipment division (Special equipment, division, SED) is a professional engaged in a comprehensive institution robot system integration services and related products manufacturing modular design. Special equipment department in the aerospace five 514 vacuum Tsinghua University division and mutual support to create its own brand "COSS cosmos" brand, the main products of wisdom laboratory, has been widely used in aerospace laboratory. The real-time detection robot has been supported by the project of the Guangzhou government.

SED Department of Guangdong University of Technology, South China Normal University, United Eagle company, national R & D projects "working together for a period of four years in the Department of orthopedics surgery robot", to enter the medical market; at the same time cooperation with Matsushita Electric, small science and technology three, building automation "no store", is expected to 2018 mid stores increased to 30 above.

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