Established in 1988

Fortune Concept

Fortune Concept

Fortune Concept:

Global participation, Continuous improvement, People-foremost, Contribution to society.

—— GlobalParticipation

Fortune people always focus on global development trend, and strengthen communication with the world so that able to grasping the forefront technology in this filed, and let more people know fortune. Fortune people are striving to reach more achievement by riding the super train of globalization. Fortune take the chance of globalization to actively develop company and establish strong team with globalization concept.

—— ContinuousImprovement

Fortune People keep learning from both work and living by sum up the past, improve today job, and try to enhance tomorrow working. Always thinking of finding the best working method to make the products quality perfect in new design and technology to meet the requirement of international market.

—— People-foremost

The concept of “The value of human is greater than the value of things”is going into the management team. Fortune respect every efforts of people by listening carefully to the employee and try to satisfy their needs, so that a better and comfortable working environment could be provided the workers. In return, the productivity is enhanced greatly.

—— ContributiontoSociety

As the saying “Take from people , return back to people”, it means that when a company take the wealth from people, also taking the wisdom, so Fortune encourage people to creating contribution to society, and pay attention on providing wide platform and training opportunities to the employees for their quality and ability.

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