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2012-08-22 16:46

Guangzhou Fortune, Invited to Join Shanghai ATMS 2012

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On August 22nd-24th, 2012, Guangzhou Fortune was officially invited to attend Shanghai ATMS 2012. During the show, Guangzhou Fortune have got lots of  business chances from many potential world-famous clients.

Notes:  Shanghai ATMS, fully called Shanghai Int'l Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Materials show, is held since 2004 and hosted by SAE-China. AMTS is the only professional event in the field of automotive manufacturing technology in the world.

It’s the platform of automobile manufacturing equipment communication and trade innovation and it’s the first exhibit for China automotive equipment, also the biggest one of the leading regional trade fairs for Automotive Manufacturing Technology, assemblies and production technologies in the world. Concurrently, Shanghai Intl Assembly & Handling Technology Exhibition is held solemnly. 


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