Established in 1988

Robot End Tools And Fixture

Electrical Cylinder


? High performance roller screw for high speed(up to 600 mm/s) and acceleration (up to9,5 m/s2) requests
? High dynamic servomotor for high speed andacceleration requests
? Optional anti-rotation device
? Adjustable external proximity switches
? Optional lubricant for food grease compatibility
? Optional fail safe brake, absolute encoder onServomotor
? Recirculation roller screw with low lead (up to1 mm) available on demand


In addition to standard electrical cylinder product range, SKF offersan extensive customization program that is able to fulfill specificapplication needs. This is important for SKF recognition as a knowledgeengineering company and solution provider.The SEMC actuator is one of the customized solutions designed bySKF. The application requirements consisted of a dimensionally compactand lightweight actuator with a long lifetime, high speed andhigh acceleration.The SKF solution is based on a BRC15x5 or 8 roller screw, with afull aluminium body, resulting in a very compact solution weighingless than 7 kg including the motor, but robust thanks to the rollerscrew technology used inside.

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